The project

One afternoon in the summer of 2018, nine citizens of Montreal, from nine different cultural communities, occupied observation posts in nine iconic locations in Montreal spread over the 19 districts of the city.

As they observed the locale where they were stationed (the presumed site of the ancient village of Hochelaga, St. Joseph’s Oratory, Place Gerald Godin etc.) the participants composed a written list, as complete as possible, of all the events, persons, objects, machines and animals that things they saw about them. This process created a list of hundreds of elements and images for each observation post.

The participants lists are  primarily in French, but they also contain sections and elements in the language of their cultural community, Spanish, Tagalog, Créole, Arabic, English, etc.

On October 20, 2018, the project will conclude with a concert where the participants will recite their lists in a chorus directed by Kathy Kennedy. the show will occur in the concert hall of Jeunesses Musicales du Canada.

Tickets, which are free, may be reserved here :